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    Industrial Glass Products, Inc.

    In those applications where glass and only glass can meet the performance requirements, Industrial Glass Products offers a complete range of products and services. The Requirements of both industrial and commercial customers are translated into hundreds of standard and custom configurations; widely separated in shape, size and function but uniform in the high quality that distinguishes Industrial Glass Products. Our customers list is as varied as the products and processes we provide for them: airframe manufacturers; aerospace and related agencies; designers and producers of instrumental panels, electronic devices, photographic parts and accessories, lumination panels and fixtures, home appliances, medical equipment ... the categories are endless increasing steadily as industry technology advances. Industrial Glass Products quality and performance reflect the abilities of its skilled, long-time craftsmen, working under the direction of progressive management. Their combined efforts to provide the best service in the glass industry have been responsible for the growth and success of the company. This website indicates the products and services we offer. If your needs involve glass in a form not listed here, please call us. . . we specialize in unusual requirements. .

  • Glass Stock


    Production of Glass
    Float Glass
    Laminated glass
    X-ray leaded
    Water white glass
    Welder's glass
    Front surface mirror
    Vycor - rolled & polished
    Quartz / fused silica
    Textured glass
    Tubing & rod
    Specialty-coated glasses
    Heat absorbing filters
    Ground surface
    Commercial mirror
    Flashed opal
    Tinted float glass
    Fire-resistant glass
    Sandblasted & etched glass
    Wired glass
    Artistic glass
    Bent glass
    Electrically heated glass
    Plus Others

  • Processes

    Industrial Glass Products provides a new dimension in the processes which affects the uses of glass in modern industry

    Specialized Treatments and Processes
    Cutting C and C
    Laminated cutting
    Waterjet cutting
    Drilling countersunk
    Sandblasting - etching
    Chemical tempering
    Surface quality
    Grinding blanchering, lapping

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    E-mail: mr@iglassprod.com

  • About us

    Leading supplier of custom glass fabrications for professionals in the aerospace, technology, industrial, architectural and lighting industries - We combine propietary processes with leading technology to produce products which meet the unique requirements of our customer. Industrial Glass Products was established in 1990. We are proud to be a woman owned business and also a California Small Business certified company that has evolved to become one of the leading suppliers in the custom glass manufacturing industry. This is the result of the hard work of our dedicated and skilled staff, many of whom have been with us since the beginning. Specialized service: Custom solutions for any order size. Design & specification support - prior to production, we will work with you to ensure that the finished product meets your specific design & specification requirements. Expedited order support available EDI, EFT, purchase/credit card capabilities. .